Stacy Kristen is an indie author who writes contemporary romance, erotic romance, and romantic suspense books and novellas with HEAs for those who just want a short, steamy read. She's an avid reader of romance and enjoys baking, drinking lots of caffeine, traveling, and laughing at the squirrels in her backyard.

St. James Security

Coming Summer 2022

eBook & Paperback

Serena Richmond
Twelve months ago my life was irrevocably changed when my fiancé, Blake, died in a car accident. Instead of grieving, I’ve poured myself into our company, Richmond St. James Investments. But that’s no longer an option, as things are happening around me that I can’t explain. And just when I’m at my breaking point, the last person I expected to see steps back into my life, changing it forever.
Alex St. James
The mission: protect Serena Richmond, my dead brother’s fiancé. On the surface, it seems simple: keep her safe from harm. But it’s not that simple. The problem? Blake kept secrets from her, secrets that threaten her in a way she’ll never see coming. And it’s going to take everything I have to keep her safe, even if it means losing the one thing I vowed to never give up.

All I Ever Duet

Duet: eBook & Paperback

Kelsie and Reese have been friends since high school. But for Reese, his biggest regret is letting Kelsie walk away without telling her his true feelings. But now Kelsie’s back and he has one last shot at happiness. But will Kelsie feel the same way? Will there be a Christmas miracle?

I’ve lived in Foxtail Ridge my entire life and I love everything about it. Okay, almost everything. The one thing I don’t love? The dating scene—it’s almost non-existent. But I’m not worried, because I’m not looking for love. Between helping my sister Kelsie with her Bed & Breakfast and playing Cupid, I’ve got my hands full. But little do I know, fate has a little something in store for me. And it comes when I least expect it.

Be Mine: A Collection of Short
& Steamy Romances

Collection Includes:

  • Moto Luvin: A Friends to Lovers Romance

  • All About Her: A M/F/M Menage Romance

  • Snow One But You: A Small Town Romance

  • Sweet As Puck: A Hockey Romance

All books are stand alone.

Be Mine

eBook & Paperback

Coveted Duet: Billionaire Romance

Duet: eBook & Paperback

Landing a job at Pryce Enterprises is like winning the lottery. Everybody tries, but there’s only one winner.
I, Gabriella Hernandez, was just hired as the executive assistant to Ethan Pryce—yes that Pryce. The man who owns the whole damn company.People say he’s cold, shrewd, aloof. When he interviewed me, I didn’t get that vibe at all. Shrewd and aloof maybe, but not cold. All I know is that he likes to be in control. But he doesn’t intimidate me. I am a strong, independent woman. And I plan to stay that way.At least that was the plan…Ethan
As the CEO of Pryce Enterprises, my day is filled with meetings and business dealings. I took over the company a few years ago, after my brother wasn’t interested. Which is just fine, because I’ve made the company worth billions.
When Gabriella Hernandez is hired as my executive assistant, I try, in vain, to ignore my attraction to her. But day in and day out, my feelings grow stronger.I want to reveal my feelings, but I’m scared she’ll hate me. Or worse, reject me. Or hell, she could even sue me. But she doesn’t.Our love and passion burns hotter than the sun. Our story is one for eternity.

Thanks to a leg injury sustained while serving overseas, I’m no longer an Army Ranger. I’ve been career military so long, I don’t even know how to live my life as a civilian. But thanks to my brother Ethan, I’m a billionaire. So I do what any billionaire military veteran would do—I seek out the best physical therapist in the city. As soon as Dr. Daisy Roberts calls my name, I immediately know she’s going to push me to the brink. And I’m a bastard because I'm going to love every minute of it. The more time I spend with her, the more I want her. She makes me feel and want things that I’ve never wanted before. But she’s my doctor and totally off-limits…
As a physical therapist, I’ve made a good life for myself. Then he walks in. I recognize Derek Pryce instantly; he looks just like his brother Ethan. But his fortune doesn’t interest me; helping him heal, that’s what drives me. He’s a man with plenty of demons and my greatest challenge. And the more time we spend together, the more I desire him. But I’m not supposed to want him…

Desert Aces MC

Books 1-3: eBook & Paperback

The best day of my life was when I patched into the Desert Aces MC. And that day is only rivaled by the day I fucked up and couldn’t stop a brother from betraying us all. Ever since that day, I’ve been trying like hell to prove myself to the MC. So when Prez asks me to protect his sister Kat from her crazy ex-boyfriend, I willingly agree. But little did I know, the attraction between Kat and I would be off the charts. And that I would have to explain my relationship with Prez’s sister, all the while keeping her safe.I can’t fuck this up. If I do, I’ll lose everything. It’s ride or die.

I wasn’t always the Desert Aces MC President.When I was 20 years old, tragedy struck when my parents were killed by a drunk driver. I was young and stupid and decided to prospect for the Desert Aces MC in Las Vegas.At the time, I didn’t care about its lawlessness. I liked the drinking, the fighting, the fucking. It helped to numb the pain. But as time went on, I began to realize the club was on a dangerous path to destruction. And that if we didn’t clean up our act, our club wouldn’t survive.I couldn’t let that happen.I’ve given everything to my club and it’s time I take a little something for myself. I need to find a woman and settle down. My mind drifts to Diana, all those years ago. I regret letting her walk away.But that all changes when one afternoon, she drives up to the compound gates, looking gorgeous as ever. Instantly, my feelings for her re-surface, igniting inside me. This time, I won’t let her walk away. I’m making her mine.

When I was 18, I was young and reckless and I needed a place to belong. I found that place in Las Vegas, with the Desert Aces MC. When I needed acceptance, they gave it. If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing.Years later, I’m now VP and it’s my job to keep everything running smoothly. And I’m damn good at it. But that all changes the day Sienna is dropped into my life without a moment’s notice, in need of protection.Sent to us by her father, the Prez of the Desert Aces in Los Angeles, Sienna is nothing but a pain in my arse. She’s sassy and defies me at every turn. I told myself that I shouldn’t want her, but that’s a problem because I love the chase and she’s a sexy siren luring me in.

Vegas Redemption
(Connected to Desert Aces MC)

I thought my life was over when my ex-boyfriend, who has ties to the mob, tried to kill me. But I survived and fled, making my way to Las Vegas. Since then, I’ve been hiding in plain sight, always looking over my shoulder. And just when I think it’s safe to start living again, trouble finds me. I have no one to turn to, except my boss Sutter. And if I don’t, I’m dead. I have no other choice.
After the death of my wife and son, I never thought I could love another woman ever again. Then Normandy stepped into my tattoo shop and everything changed. Seeing her every day has me feeling things I haven’t felt in a really long time. And when Normandy comes to me for help, I can’t say no. Because in the end, saving her is the only thing that matters.
Note: Set in the World of the Desert Aces MC, Las Vegas.

Vegas Redemption

eBook & Paperback

Worth Waiting For: A Single-Dad, Male Nurse Romance

At 32, I’ve checked a lot of boxes; achieved every goal I set for myself. Career as nurse anesthetist, check.
Financial security, check. House and white picket fence, check. Kid, check.
You may have noticed that I’m a Daddy. That’s right, I am. When Maddie was born via surrogate three years ago, it was the best day of my life. The best decision I ever made.But there’s still one thing missing from my life—a woman I can call my wife and Maddie can call Mom. I’m ready to meet her, to fall in love. But at this rate, I’m never going to find her. The dating world is a crazy place. But when you’re a Dad, it’s a downright nightmare.Luckily for me, all that changes when I meet Ashlyn. She’s one of my patients, whom I never I thought I would see again. But our paths crossed again, as if we were destined to meet. Now, all I have to do is convince Ashlyn she’s the perfect one for me. And for Maddie.

Worth Waiting For

eBook & Paperback

Love Under Construction: A Second Chance At Love, Small Town Romance

Love Under Construction

Part 1: Maggie & TyOvercoming the death of her husband, Maggie decides to start fresh by buying and renovating an old Victorian home. Along the way, she meets contractor Ty Anderson and sparks begin to fly. Finding love again is the last thing Maggie expects. But can Ty convince Maggie that she has room in her heart for two men? One dead and the other very much alive?Part 2:
Jace & Samantha
Sam was looking for love in all the wrong places. First, she tried on-line dating. And it was a disaster. Next, she tried flirting in the grocery store. That didn’t pan out either. Just when she was about to give up, her best friend Maggie introduces her to Jace, Ty’s best friend. Never expecting to fall in love, Jace literally sweeps Sam off her feet. But is Sam ready to fall in love?

eBook & Paperback

Moto Luvin: A Friends to Lovers Romance

Working as the Director of Operations at Ultimate Street Rally is a dream come true. Great pay? Check. Travel the world? Check. Sexy boss? Check. Oops, did I say the last part out loud?! Well, it’s true. And honestly, he never needs to know. But while I love my job, it’s been hell on my dating life. Being on the road for months at a time doesn’t allow me much time for dating. And to make matters worse, the dates I’ve actually went on were total duds, so I’ve given up on men at the moment. But then everything changes when a surprise is thrown my way and I can’t resist.
As the C.E.O of Ultimate Street Rally, I love what I’ve built from the ground up. But I’m so busy, I have no time to date. And did I mention that I’m sort of famous? For years, I was a champion motocross rider. And because of this, women seek me out all the time. But the women who throw themselves at me never interest me. Why? Because I’m secretly lusting after Alex, my Director of Operations. She’s everything those other women are not. I know she’s off limits and I try to keep my filthy thoughts to myself, I really do. But it’s too much when she starts to flirt with me, so I flirt right back. Two can play that game. With a bet and a handshake, we’ll speed toward the finish line—winning each other’s hearts.

Moto Luvin'

All About Her: A M/F/M Menage Romance

All About Her

I’ve been in a committed relationship for five years. I love Callum deeply, with every breath I take. Cal is an alpha and can be a bit possessive, but not in a bad way. I’m his and he makes sure everyone knows it.We’ve never cheated on each other and never will.Our relationship is perfect. Or it was until I met Bastien.Bas is patient, kind, and caring. He knows my deepest desire and has awakened a side of me that I’d hidden away. Even from Cal. What is my deepest desire? I desire two men. I don’t know how Bas knows, but he does. And he challenges me to accept it. I know he wants me, but won’t make a move until we have Cal’s approval.And there is my dilemma.How do you tell the man you love that you desire another man? And that you don’t want to lose either of them?

Snow One But You: A Small Town Romance

Avery Turner. Pharmacist and all-around nice person. And someone who never does bad things, until now. I didn’t even know I was doing it, I swear. What did I do? I groped my high school crush, Kane Bishop, while I was sleeping. Then, I woke up. I didn’t mean to fall asleep in his arms, have a really hot dream about him, and then act out my dream on the poor man. The worst part? He didn’t even stop me…Kane Bishop. Ski stuntman extraordinaire. I let Avery into my cabin one snowy night. She fell asleep in my arms and must have had a really good dream, since she didn’t even know she was groping me. There’s a first time for everything. But I’m hoping it won’t be the last time she puts her hands all over me.

Snow One but You

Sweet as Puck: A Hockey Romance

Sweet As Puck

A glimpse of red satin and the shimmer of blonde hair is all I manage to see before she disappears…That fateful night, I’m standing there, ready for the event to be over with. But as I’m about to make my escape, I feel a female body brush against me, sending a lightning bolt of desire racing through my core. As she walks away, her scent envelopes me and I have to stifle a groan. Even though it was mere seconds, she affects me in a way I can’t explain.I want her. No, I need her.My eyes land on her as she walks away, and I can’t help but appreciate her curves, especially in that dress. I watch as she disappears into the crowd, her hips swaying back and forth. I try to catch up to her, but it's no use—she’s gone. I’m inexplicably drawn to her, like a moth to a flame.I don't know who she is, but she's mine. She just doesn’t know it yet.But, first things first. I need to find her. How hard can it be? I'm a professional hockey player; I've got connections. She's just one woman.And I will find her. Then, she’s mine.

Forever & Always: A M/M Romance

They says it's lonely at the top. I never really noticed. Mostly, because I’ve spent the past ten years building my empire. As President and CEO of my own company, I’ve dedicated my life to being the best.
People talk. Let them. Just because I’m wealthy and successful and single doesn’t mean I plan to stay that way. To be honest, people talk anyway. Why? Because I’m gay. I’ve never hidden it. I just don’t discuss my personal life. But for me, dating is a fucking nightmare. I never know whether they want me for me, or just my money.
But lately, loneliness has started to creep in. Everyone else around me, no matter where I go, seems to have that special someone. But not me. I never really wanted or needed someone. Until now.They say that you find love when you least expect it. Maybe there's some truth to that.M/M

Forever & Always

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